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How You Can Help Your Child Read & Write Better

Help Your Child Read & Write Better
By Marilyn Martyn
(About The Author)


There isn't a parent among us who doesn't want their children to succeed. That success has a direct correlation to how well and how early they are able to read and write.

What if there were a way you could teach your child to read before he or she ever reached a classroom?  Isn't that something every caring parent would wish for?

Well, you needn't wait any longer.  Someone has done the work and made it available to you.  "Help Your Child Read & Write Better" has just hit the digital shelves and it's waiting for you right now!

Trained as a teacher and librarian, our author has put her many years as a teacher and consultant to work and created her own set of lessons that gives her students the ability to learn very quickly.  These lessons are the foundation of this book.

This book is jam-packed with all the tools you need to teach your child to read, write and spell.  Marilyn outlines four important parts to improving your child's reading and spelling skills.  These are:


Phonics: the relationships between letters and sounds.

Fluency: the ability to read quickly and naturally, recognize words automatically, and group words quickly.

Vocabulary knowledge: remembering new words and what they mean.

Text comprehension: processing what is being read and developing higher-order thinking skills.


"Help Your Child Read & Write Better" helps you improve all four areas.  Illustrations are included because we think in pictures.

Your child will learn the sounds of English and the combinations of letters that represent them. He or she will learn how to blend sounds into words as well as how to spell them.

Recognizing words when they see them is also learned in addition to spelling patterns for English words. They will quickly learn to read simple sentences.

 "Help Your Child Read & Write Better" is for the parent of children with reading challenges or who simply want to give their children extra help or an earlier start.

We can cite the benefits to be found in this book or you can take advantage of our 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee.  We take the risk.  You get the benefit.

Don't wait another minute to help your child advance.  Grab your copy now while the price is so low.  You'll be glad your did and someday your child will thank you.


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